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LensCulture: Critics' Choice Awards / My Entries

I decided to bite the bullet and give Award entries another go. This time I have entered two images in for the LensCulture Critics' Choice Awards. You can view my submission online if you click here. If you share the link to your facebook you also help give me the chance to be featured on LensCultures Facebook page!

My entries

Harpa Concert Hall, Reykjavik, 2019

The Harpa concert Hall façade is made up of clear and colour panes of glass, encased in a steel framework.

Within my photographic practice I like to focus on capturing abstract patterns that are found in building design, offering a new perspective on how a building is seen. This allows the viewers to make their own interpretation of what the image is they are seeing.

'Coast Guard Tower', Dungeness, 2019

The architecture found amongst the stark landscape of Dungeness conveys a sense of juxtapositon. On a pebble beach modern structures have been developed amongst the desolate landscape.

Through the use of composition 'Coast Guard Tower' conveys this sense of disconnection between the buildings and their environment.

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