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Looking through my old photography sketchbooks has got me thinking that as well as discussing the process and development of my own work, that it may be interesting (not just for me but hopefully for you as well) to explore and share some of the photographers/ artists that have inspired and influenced my work over the years.

The first two I will be discussing are, painter Frank De Blok and well known photographic duo The Bechers.

Frank De blok

'About Scaffolding II', Acrylic on Canvas, Frank De Blok

Through the use of paint as a medium Blok creates striking imagery that portrays the construction and development of buildings. Blok considers his work as "New Architectural Urban Art", using the term of Perspectivism to describe his work. Blok's inspiration is drawn from Architecture and Urbanism, Science and Humans.

I find Frank De Blok's work visually captivating in the way that he forms geometric patterns through the use of strong lines which overlap each other, creating an abstract perspective of scaffolding and development

'About Scaffolding II' is just one of the many fantastic paintings that Blok has created, his description of the painting is that "[it] suggests the feeling of freedom felt by scaffolders when they are building their constructions up in the sky". His work reminds me of a photographer Michael Wesely who uses pinhole cameras to capture long exposures of construction sites in New York. Two very different artists in terms of medium, both creating abstract and visually intriguing images around the theme of city development and construction.

'9.8.2001 - 2.5.2003 The Museum of Modern Art', New York, Michael Wesely

The Bechers

'Pitheads', 1974, The Bechers

The Bechers work concentrates on photographing the disappearing German industrial architecture. They shoot their subjects at different angles but always compose them with a straightforward objective view, not one of their images has every contained people within them.

The Bechers choice of subjects vary from water towers, cooling towers, gas-tanks and oil refineries. I think The Bechers choice of subject matter evokes a sense of beauty and appreciation of something that once was. Their choice of layout in which they present their images, composed in a storyboard documented style, conveys and achieves the sense of impermanence of their subjects. and how these industrious structures should not be forgotten.

'Gas Tanks', 1965-2009, The Bechers


  • Perspectivism: that any manifestation of reality or truth depends on a point of view or a particular perspective"

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